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Our Story

Your home is a sacred space where some of your most meaningful memories are made. Letting us in is a privilege we don’t take lightly. Our mission is to serve you exceptional products, culinary experiences, and educational tutorials that impress you every time.  

From source to seal, each step in our process is thoughtfully curated and Star-K approved to ensure your meat strictly adheres to kosher protocols.  

The big idea for Prairie Street began as most others do — from a place of necessity. As consumers of kosher meat, we couldn’t help noticing 3 major things that were missing in our experience:  

  1. Consistent quality 
  2. Variety and availability of premium meat
  3. Robust educational tools that promote more confidence and fun in the kitchen

When we also realized the same complaints were frustrating our kosher friends — particularly when it came to Shabbos and holiday shopping — we knew there was an exciting opportunity to fill that need in the market. 

Consistent quality and a wide selection of premium offerings was key, but we also wanted to bring the sheer joy of cooking back to the kitchen.  

We built an in-house production team focusing on kosher content. Our team's passion and expertise will inspire everyone from beginners to our most seasoned clients to try new things — and to have fun doing it. No pretense or pressure, just crazy-good food you can’t get enough of! 

We continue to seek guidance from and learn from various guest chefs throughout the country. We can’t wait for you to explore all the tutorials on the Prairie Street YouTube channel — it’s like having multiple professional chefs giving you private cooking lessons! 

As we continue to grow and expand our reach, our goal remains the same: to become the tried-and-true kosher meat resource you choose to feed your family. We know that means earning your trust and we’re fired up for the challenge. 

By removing the guesswork, sharing valuable cooking tutorials, and delivering a seamless shopping experience, we hope to remind you of the simple joy of coming together with loved ones over an exceptional meal. Nothing in life tastes better. 

-The Prairie Street Team