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Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen,

I’m excited to present www.PrairieStreet.Co our new website! In addition to being a high-quality e-commerce site, you’ll find YouTube tutorials, recipes, “Ask an Expert” and a private chef concierge service. My team and I have spent the past few years researching and perfecting products and methods to bring you the ultimate in luxury kosher dining. We source only the very best kosher meat from small farms in the U.S. and proudly offer U.S.D.A. and Kosher certifications.

The genesis of Prairie Street came from my time living in Brussels where I had difficulty finding quality kosher meat and had to therefor import it from France. From this experience, I realized how difficult and frustrating it can be for people to get quality kosher meat in most areas. The best kosher food should not be unattainable because of your location. Now with Prairie Street super high-quality kosher meat can be shipped anywhere in the U.S.

I love cooking for friends and family and am so happy when they share how much they enjoy my food. I want to perpetuate that enjoyment throughout the kosher community. My first thought was to write a cookbook but how people get and use information has changed. So, I rolled up my sleeves and founded Prairie Street Media. Modern times, after all, call for modern methods!

Our in-house media team produces high-quality and entertaining tutorials packed full of cooking tips and ideas. Our goal is to promote and teach kosher cooking; to educate and build confidence using our original content whether it be via video and written recipes. To date you’ll find well over 50 original videos demonstrating tried and true cooking methods. Look for The Prairie Street Culinary Kitchen every Sunday at 2 p.m. EDT on YouTube.

To be complete, we added a private chef concierge service. Sought after kosher chefs available for travel and private dinners anywhere in the U.S. There is a certain satisfaction in entertaining and serving incredible meals and Prairie Street would be honored to be a part of those affairs.

Along the way, I have learned from so many remarkable people, farmers, rabbis, kosher butchers, chefs, web designers, hospitality specialists, production crews, writers, designers, warehouse and logistics teams, and my wife. I’m thankful for everyone's input and knowledge. Who knew there would be so many layers of expertise needed to build Prairie Street!

We have taken luxury kosher dining to a new level. We have removed almost all obstacles and built a remarkable company. Consistency, quality, method, and available kosher chefs can now be sourced on one site. We put a lot of thought into Prairie Street and hired many talented people to ensure your kosher dining experience is as exquisite as it is easy. I’m very proud of what we have accomplished and excited about future productions and ventures.

We look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Elliot Moscowitz
Founder & CEO